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AECM is an email, Listserv list which provides a forum for discussions of all hardware and software which can be useful in any way for accounting education at the college/university levelHardware includes all platforms and peripherals. Software includes spreadsheets, practice sets, multimedia authoring and presentation packages, data base programs, tax packages, World Wide Web applications, etc. The American Accounting Association (AAA) serves as the host to the list which was established in February, 1994. It was the first organized presence for the accounting profession on the Internet and was hosted by Loyola University Maryland from its inception until October 14, 2011. Over 1,000 subscribers from more than 30 countries have participated in the forum.

AECM provides an unmoderated environment where issues, questions, comments, ideas, and uses of educational accounting software and related hardware can be freely discussed. As is the case on all unmoderated lists, the topics and discussions are limited only by the imagination and interest of its subscribers.  Members are welcome to take an active role by posting to AECM or an inactive role by monitoring the list.  Unlike many lists which suggest that new subscribers introduce themselves to the group, we believe that such postings are primarily social and not appropriate for this list.  Subscribers can choose either the Web or email list interface as explained below.

This list was conceived to bring together accounting faculty, authors, developers, publishers and others with an interest in using computers and multimedia in accounting education.  (If you are a student, please click here.) Subscribers are encouraged to ask questions, share ideas and information, and discuss the good and bad experiences they have had with various educational accounting software and hardware products.  Please try to be creative, innovative, and open minded.



  • Notable software/ hardware, as well as inferior products one should avoid 
  • Notable World Wide Web sites 
  • Information about related conferences, workshops and seminars 
  • A discussion of articles, books, etc. which subscribers have found stimulating and worthwhile
  • "In what direction is educational accounting software evolving?"
  • "What's the best software to use for my [blank] course/project?"
  • "Has anyone tried [blank] software? What was your experience?" 
  • "How can I get [product] to do [function]?"
  • "Has anyone seen anything on the Web about [blank]? Where? 


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 Another accounting list run by the same owner is CPAS-L