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DESCRIPTION: This discussion group or forum is technically a "Listserv list". Classmates who subscribe to the list will receive e-mail that other classmates send (i.e., post) to the list. Classmates who reply to a message can choose to reply only to the person who sent the message or to the entire group. 

We can use this forum to discuss old times, talk what we are doing these days, indicate whether we plan to attend the 45th-year reunion or converse about anything else that comes to mind.  Classmates can to take an active role by posting to the forum or an inactive role by monitoring the list. 

HOW TO SUBSCRIBE: The computer handles all subscription requests automatically. If you have more than one e-mail account, be sure to subscribe from the one from which you will post messages. Otherwise, you will be unable to post to the list.

To subscribe via the Web, click here. 

To subscribe via e-mail, send the following message to Listserv@Listserv.Loyola.edu :
                                               [you can leave the subject line blank]
SUBSCRIBE  CHS59   your_first_name   your_last_name
[Example: SUBSCRIBE CHS59 Bill Gates]

After using either subscription request approach, you will receive e-mail with the subject "Command confirmation request" followed by a number in parentheses. The message will explain that you have 48 hours to confirm your subscription request by replying with an "OK" message or clicking on a link. If you do not confirm within 48 hours, you will need to start over. This feature is designed to prevent someone from subscribing others to the list without their consent.


To send a message via the Web, click here.

To send a message via e-mail, send to: CHS59@Listserv.Loyola.edu.

Only subscribers can send messages to the list. All messages sent to the list will be automatically forwarded to all subscribers who have not disabled delivery. Messages should be text only with no attachments since many subscribers cannot read all types of attachments. Your mail program configuration will determine how you should reply should you choose to do so. With most mail programs, if you reply to a question, observation, etc. using the reply command, your response will be automatically forwarded to all subscribers. If you wish to respond privately to the original sender, you must make sure that your mailer is sending it only to their address. 


To unsubscribe from CHS59 via the Web, click here.

To unsubscribe from CHS59 via e-mail, send mail to Listserv@Listserve.Loyola.edu and in the body of the message put only the command: UNSUBSCRIBE CHS59 (Note that you don't need to give a subscription name or address.) If the above procedure does not work, it is probably because your address has changed since you subscribed and your are continuing to receive posts because your mail system is forwarding them. Such forwarding often happens without the person being aware of it. In such cases, you must mail the list owner and request that your subscription be manually removed. 


To read old messages, click here.

HOW TO GET HELP: This list/group uses LISTSERV® software and runs on a Loyola College in Maryland server. For complete information about how to participate in a LISTSERV list, see L-Soft's LISTSERV General User's Guide.

Questions or comments regarding this list should be addressed to its owner,
Barry Rice at Rice@Loyola.edu

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