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(However, this page was retained for historical purposes.)


[Added 10-20-11]

A new CPAS-L group has been set up on Yahoo and all current and former members of Loyola’s CPAS-L Listserv list are invited to join by going to A free Yahoo account is required to join. If you don’t already have a Yahoo account, click here to register.


Participation in Yahoo groups does not require that you use a Yahoo email account to send and receive group messages. While the registration process automatically creates a Yahoo email account, most group participants use other email accounts.


[Added 10-13-11]

Loyola’s CPAS-L will discontinue after more than 14 years on Friday, October 21 at 5:00 PM EDT. Loyola University Maryland, the host of the CPAS-L Listserv list, informed me, Barry Rice, in August that it will cease support for the L-Soft LISTSERV® software this fall. As an emeritus Loyola faculty member, I immediately appealed the decision but was unable to get it reversed. However, this information page will continue, at least for a while.


As an alternative, CPAS-L subscribers are welcome to subscribe to the accounting educator’s forum AECM (Accounting Education using Computers and Multimedia), especially if you would like to continue to read Bob Jensen’s interesting posts. AECM is provided by the American Accounting Association. Also, there are many other discussion forums for CPAs available on the Web (Try Goggling “CPA discussion forum”).

Thank you for your interest in CPAS-L.



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DESCRIPTION: CPAS-L provides a forum for discussions of all aspects of the practice of accounting. It provides an unmoderated environment where issues, questions, comments, ideas, etc. related to accounting can be freely discussed. Members are welcome to take an active role by posting to CPAS-L or an inactive role by just monitoring the list. You qualify for a free subscription if you are either a CPA or a professional accountant in public accounting, private industry, government or education. Others will be denied access. If you are a student, please click here. [Link disabled 10-21-11]

Loyola University Maryland is pleased to provide this list/forum for CPAs in public practice, private industry and government. Loyola's Department of Accounting, which has an AACSB-accredited accounting program, serves as the host for this list, which was established in August 1997.

Accounting resources on the World Wide Web
- Computer hardware including peripherals
- Accounting and other software
- Information about conferences, workshops and seminars
- A discussion of issues facing the accounting profession
- A discussion of articles, books, Web sites, etc. which subscribers have found worthwhile
- "What's the best software to use for my [blank] application?"
- "My client needs help with [blank] and I have no experience with this type of situation.
Any suggestions?"
- "How can I use the Internet to grow my practice?"

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Another accounting list run by the same owner is AECM, Accounting Education using Computers and Multimedia