Rice's Managerial Accounting
Internet Assignment #1 (SEC Form 10K)
Due by Midnight on Thursday, January 31, 2002

NOTE: You must read and comply with the Honor Code section below.
It contains a special requirement.
    [If you really want to "kill a tree", you can print this; however, why not try the paperless route?]
This assignment involves downloading the most recent Form 10-K for two assigned Fortune 500 companies and communicating the answers to certain questions to me via e-mail.

To download a company's Form 10K, you should start at the SEC EDGAR Database home page. Select "Search the EDGAR Database". Then, select "Search the EDGAR Archives". Then, search for a company by entering its name in the "This is a searchable index. Enter search keywords:" box at the very top. If the 10K for your assigned company does not appear on the list on your first try, apply the search techniques explained in the link "For detailed information on formulating searches in WAIS, look here".

The list of assigned companies showing those for which you are responsible is here.


You are required to answer the following questions for each of your two assigned companies and communicate the answers to me via email:

1. What is the company's fiscal year end?

2. What is the company's mailing address and telephone number?

3. In which state was the company incorporated?

4. On what U.S. stock exchange are the securities traded?

5. What is the name of the top executive officer in the company and how old is he/she (if available)?

6. Who is the company's auditor?

7. What did the auditors say about the fairness of the financial statements in the "REPORT OF INDEPENDENT PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS"? Quote the entire paragraph in your response. [Work smart. Cut and paste - don't retype it!]

8. What was the company's total revenue?

9. What was the company's net income?

10. How much cash did the company have at year end?

11. What was the company's working capital at year end? Show calculation.

12. What was the company's working capital ratio at year end? Show calculation.

13. What is the company's ranking in the most recent Fortune 500 list?

You are also required to answer the following general questions:

1. What is a Form 10-K and which companies must file one? (50 words or less)

2. The acronym "EDGAR" stands for what?

3. On what basis are companies ranked in the Fortune 500?

4. Did you follow the special honor code instructions below?


The learning objectives for this assignment are to:

1. Reinforce some of the accounting concepts in Financial and Managerial Accounting;

2. Increase your awareness of corporate financial information available on the Internet; and

3. Familiarize you with the SEC and one of its required filings.


Grading will be based on a number of factors including the results of your search. Poor grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. will be a negative factor in the grading. I will grade the assignments on-line and return them with your grade and my comments through electronic mail. Grading will be as follows: submission of satisfactory answers on time, 2 points (i.e., 2% of course grade); submission of late satisfactory answers or submission of unsatisfactory answers at any time, 0 points. Ultimately, satisfactory answers must be submitted in order to pass the course. If satisfactory answers are not received by the last class period, you will receive an "F" for a course grade.


Academic integrity compels you not only to do the Internet work yourself but also to type answers to the questions into the computer and mail it to me yourself. NO ONE ELSE MAY DO THIS FOR YOU since both operations are part of the learning objectives for this assignment. To receive credit for this assignment, you must include the following pledge: "I pledge that this information is accurate. I did not make it up. I retrieved it myself using the EDGAR database."


Answers to the above questions must be submitted to me via an email attachment sent to my
special address. Your answers should be written in accordance with the guidelines you
learned in your effective writing course and they must be single spaced using block format for

You must write your answers using MS Word and attach the document to an email message
sent to my special BarryRice@Loyola.edu address which is not in the GroupWise address
book. You must enter it manually. The subject of the email should be your Rice ID#. Normally, I ask you to send email to my Rice@Loyola.edu address but am using this special
address for Internet assignments. If you mail the file to my Rice or BRice address, it will
be rejected. Neither hard copy nor disks will be accepted.

Incidentally, I was the first Loyola faculty member to require that writing assignments be
submitted electronically. The year was 1984.