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DESCRIPTION: The GB613 Listserv list provides an unmoderated environment where issues, questions, comments and ideas related to the course and to accounting in general can be discussed. Students are encouraged to ask questions related to the text, virtual lectures, homework, etc. As is the case with all unmoderated forums, the topics and discussions are limited only by the imagination and interests of its members. Membership will be denied to those who are not currently in Mr. Rice's GB613 class.

This list/forum is a way for students to publicly interact with classmates and with Mr. Rice. They can get help and help other students. It is not a substitute for getting help directly from Mr. Rice. If his help is needed, either privately email him at, telephone him at 410-617-2478 or see him in his Sellinger Hall, Room 325 office during regular office hours or by appointment.

Students are welcome to take an active role by posting to the list or an inactive role by monitoring the forum (i.e., "lurking"). However, as with many mailing lists, you are invited and encouraged to introduce yourself to the group. Introductions should include at least: your home town, high school, undergraduate college/university and major, MBA concentration and employer.

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