GB613, Financial Reporting and Analysis

Course Grading

Virtual Keypad Feedback
Having used interactive keypads/polling devices in the classroom for the last seven years, I have become convinced that feedback questions at the end of lectures are useful in the learning process. Primarily, they motivate students to understand the lecture material. They also inform the professor about whether the lecture is effective. Therefore, with virtual lectures, I use virtual keypad questions. They consist of true/false and multiple choice questions which students are required to answer at the conclusion of each lecture. As note above, they count for 20% of the course grade. Therefore, they must be the student's own work and they must be answered with the book, notes, etc. closed. They are a test of your understanding, not your ability to look up an answer!

To access the virtual keypad questions, you must enter your unique Rice ID#. (e.g., 80C)