GB613, Financial Reporting and Analysis

Suggestions for Mastering Course Material

For each chapter, you should:
  1. "Work your way" through the chapter. Don't read the text as if it were a history or english book. Work your way through the examples and illustrations as you would with a math book. Taking the "Self-Test" at the end of each chapter can be helpful.

  2. (Estimated average time: 1 hour per chapter.)
  3. "Experience" the virtual lecture. The streaming audio obtained by clicking on the speaker icon is a critical part of the experience. (See note at bottom for user name and password information.)

  4. (Estimated average time: 1 hour per chapter.)
  5. Do the homework exercises and problems without looking at the solutions. Check the solutions only after completing each one.

  6. (Estimated average time: 1 hour per chapter.)
  7. Having spent as much time as is necessary to understand the text, lecture and homework, formulate questions about what you did not understand. Post your questions on the class Listserv list. I will answer your questions and classmates can benefit from them as well as join in on the discussion. Alternatively, you can address your questions to me directly via: (1) e-mail at any time; (2) telephone at the office or at home before 10:00 p.m. or (3) a visit to my Baltimore campus office by appointment.

  8. (Estimated average time: ???)
Note: To get the virtual lectures, you must enter two different user names and passwords each time you restart Internet Explorer (IE). Alternatively, you can have IE remember your user names and passwords. 

The first time they are requested, the box will say "Resource:". Enter your personal user name which is your e-mail account name without the "" part (e.g., brice). It must be entered in all lower-case letters. Your initial password is your Loyola ID number including the "0" at the beginning. (e.g., 0123456) 

The second time you need a user name and password is when you click on the word "lecture" below each chapter number on the "Course Documents" page. The box will say "Resource:". This time, you enter a generic, GB613 user name and password. They will be disclosed during the initial class meeting.

Also, if you want to check homework solutions and have not previously logged in since starting IE, you will need to enter your personal user name and password.

Click here to change your personal password.