Reprinted with permission from the July 1999 MACPA Statement,
the Maryland Association of CPA's newsletter.

E. Barry Rice, CPA and Donald C. Stewart, CPA -  Innovative Users of Technology

E. Barry Rice and Donald E. Stewart have been awarded the AICPA's Innovative User of Technology  Award in recognition of their outstanding leadership in their use of technology in their respective fields - Barry in education and Don in public accounting.

As an educator, Barry Rice has utilized  technology in every aspect possible to improve teaching and learning. He has been a leader in the creative and effective use of the Internet, electronic forums, listserves and e-mail. Barry was the first faculty member to use e-mail to answer students' questions and began requiring that students submit term papers and spreadsheets electronically as early as 1984. Barry had written a computer literacy policy for Loyola's Department of Accounting, requiring computer applications in every undergraduate accounting course and took the lead in implementing the policy in 1986. By 1992, Barry was using interactive keypad polling devices in the classroom and projecting multimedia lectures by computer. Since then, he has developed Tech-Talk, a technology listserve for Loyola faculty and staff; co-taught the first Introduction to the Internet professional development course for faculty and staff; developed home pages for each of his courses; and requires students to get their interactive, multi-media lectures over the Web rather than in a physical classroom.

As the result of Barry's innovation in this area, he conceived Loyola's first Trends in Computerized Accounting Education Conference in 1988 and chaired or co-chaired the next five with over 800 accounting educators from around the world participating. Barry has delivered over 30 talks in the U. S. and England about using interactive multimedia in accounting education and about the Internet. As the result of his innovation in the classroom, Barry was featured as a pathfinder in, "Leading the Class Into the 21st Century," which appeared in the June 1998 AICPA Journal of Accountancy.

Don Stewart and his firm, S & W Technologies have set an example of how effective use of technology can improve the efficiency, performance and profitability of a CPA firm. His technology firm's work in the area of document management and imaging solutions transformed his former CPA firm Stewart, Waddell & Co., into a state-of-the-art operation.

The CPA firm was created in 1977 with a technology focus. Its mission was to provide high quality accounting, consulting and other financial services, integrated with technology. In 1987, a separate company, S & W Technologies, a full-service integration and technology provider, was created under Stewart, Waddell & Co. Leveraging their knowledge base in technology, S&W implemented OTG's document management and imaging at Stewart, Waddell & Co. to streamline internal operations.

Today, as president of S & W Technologies, Don provides proactive technology management, network engineering, document management and imaging, accounting software solutions and Internet/Intranet services to many small businesses, including many CPA firms.

He is a member of MACPA, the AICPA, and has been involved in numerous other community and professional organizations during his career as a CPA. [He is also one of Barry Rice's former students.]