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Software Testing and Download Page
Before experiencing your first virtual lecture, you need to check the software on the computer you will be using to make sure that everything you need is available. Virtual lectures are designed to run on Pentium-class machines running Windows 95/98/00/NT and having available the following FREE software: (1) Microsoft Internet Explorer [ver. 4 or higher]; (2) PowerPoint [ver. '97 or higher] and (3) RealPlayer [G2 or ver. 8]. The lectures have only been tested on this configuration and I cannot provide assistance on any other configuration. Netscape is not supported and does not work properly with the lectures. To determine the version of software on your computer, open the program and click on the "help" drop-down menu. Then, click on "about".

All Loyola College lab machines should be properly configured. Please notify me via e-mail immediately if you encounter problems with a lab machine. Include details as to which lab and which work station. I will work with Technology Services to rectify the problems. 

Internet Explorer: If you are reading this while using Internet Explorer, apparently it is working properly. However if you are using a version older than ver. 4 or are using Netscape, click on the "Get Internet Explorer" link at the bottom of this page to download ver. 5 or higher and install it. (The Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers peacefully coexist on the same computer.) 

RealPlayer: To find out if your computer has the necessary RealPlayer software, 
click here. If you receive an error message and do not hear me talking about separate proprietorships, you will need to install the current software. Click on the "Get RealPlayer" link at the bottom of this page to download and install it.

If RealPlayer seems to be functioning properly but you still can't hear the lecture, be sure to check the volume control software setting to make sure it is turned up. Do this by going to Start/Programs/Accessories/Multimedia/Volume Control.

PowerPoint: Either the full PowerPoint '97/'2000 program or the free PowerPoint '97 viewer must be installed on your computer to receive the virtual lectures. To find out if it is installed and functioning, click here to see a short demo lecture. If the PowerPoint program does not start (normally inside of Internet Explorer) within about 30 seconds and you cannot see and hear the lecture, you will need to install the free PowerPoint viewer. Click on the "Get PowerPoint Viewer" link at the bottom of this page to go to Microsoft's download page.

Get RealPlayer
Get Internet Explorer
Get PowerPoint Viewer